Rescued juvenile hedgehog

Driving back from a lunch meeting recently, I drove past a hedgehog in the road. It was heading for the grass verge, so I drove on. Seconds later, I realised I'd have to go back - turned round as soon as I could, and just got onto the road again in front of a large grain lorry. Got back to where hedgehog was, and of course it'd changed direction and was right in the middle of the road, just where the lorry would have crushed it. I stopped my van, and made the lorry stop with arm gestures to die for, and scooped up the sorry little creature. I let the lorry continue with a big thank you (he must have thought I was nuts, but who cares), put the hedgehog in the passenger footwell and drove home. I left him there because I had loads to do to get ready for a show the next day - I needed to bring everything up from the garden studio before it got dark. I then googled looking after hedgehogs - I've done it before but needed a refresher. The main thing they kept saying was keep them warm. Oh my goodness - I'd left this one in the van all afternoon! I rushed out to bring him in - he was a bit chilly, but after a while on a warm hot water bottle, all seemed well. He's now functioning extremely well (oh, does he smell!), and very active at night, and living in a very tall cardboard box in the bathroom. He got out of the normal size box with no trouble. When we over-wintered one before, he managed to rattle the door of the rabbit hutch where he lived until the door opened. He'd fall to the floor, some 3 feet below, and was off. All this happened several times, always in the middle of the night. I'd go to sort him out in the morning and the wretch had made a run for it. But he was always found curled up in an awkward corner - the dogs always smelt him out! He's so cute!! Or she, of course.