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Wordle fun 20/09/2010
This is totally frivoulous, but quite fun. Wordle clouds - go to to play with some text. This one uses the text taken from this blog And this one is based on the About Us page on our website, and seems to feature sheep quite heavily! They may be a bit small to see here..
Mad, mad dogs 08/04/2010
Do I treat our dogs badly? Is there something vital missing in their diet? Should I consider having them re-homed?These are not serious questions as our dogs are very happy, very much loved, and well looked after. But WHY do they do this to us: Chester, our Dog's Trust rescue, has taken a fancy to offcuts of mount board (and not always small offcuts either) - so much so that he made his mouth sore, and I now have to be much more careful with my recycling stuff in the studio. I've posted this ..
Trip to Crufts 14/03/2010
I've finally managed to spend a day at Crufts - talked about it for years! But you need more than a day to see everything. It was fascinating to see all the weird and lovely breeds there, and most of the breeders were really friendly and informative. They must get so fed up with saying the same things - but actually probably not since they're passionate about their breed of dog and could probably talk about it for ever. I went with my daughters who have grown up with dogs (and loads of other a..
I've just discovered this slide show website, and thought I'd try it out for some of my great designs for Mother's Day. You can buy any of them on our website here ..
I'm shocked by myself - no blogging, yet again, for such a long time, but it has been an incredibly busy time ending with a nasty cold. All better now, and I did enjoy the snow. I'm hoping I may have some more material for some new designs later in the year - I've just been having a play with some of them, but nothing's ready to be revealed yet. Here are a couple of photos - not a huge amount of snow, but quite a lot for Norfolk and it did transform the countryside. This is my studio, lookin..
Driving back from a lunch meeting recently, I drove past a hedgehog in the road. It was heading for the grass verge, so I drove on. Seconds later, I realised I'd have to go back - turned round as soon as I could, and just got onto the road again in front of a large grain lorry. Got back to where hedgehog was, and of course it'd changed direction and was right in the middle of the road, just where the lorry would have crushed it. I stopped my van, and made the lorry stop with arm gestures to d..
Please don't get us to send our dog back to the Dog's Trust - we do feed him, really, but he obviously doesn't think so! Here's he's taken some mount board for his mid afternoon snack, but really he prefers some nice offcuts of handmade Himalayan mountain paper!..
So I've just done the Country Living Magazine's Spring Fair, well a week ago now, and this is a little story about my primula plant that I took there. I have a wonderful friend who came over to help me load the van before the show. She then went to our very brilliant local post office in Garboldisham (Norfolk) and found this very pretty primula plant - lots of flowers and lots of buds still to come, and a lovely orangey pinky colour. She bought it for my stand, so I dutifully put it by the fron..
I attended a fantastic workshop yesterday on building an effective online marketing strategy up in Norwich. It was put on by takeITon and run by Derrick Cameron of Eximium. I came away with a really useful list of what I need to do for my online marketing. If you get a chance to go to any workshops run by Derrick, then I'd advise you go - clear plain English and lots of enthusiasm. You can actually view his seminar "Fight the credit crunch with IT" on the takeITon websiteHowever, I sat next to T..

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