Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate

No, I've not gone back to my primary school and skipping games in the playground. Instead I spent the day at Norfolk Jelly in Norwich - getting on with my own work but not down in my studio on my own, but rather in a room with others getting on with their own work. It's a great way of working, sharing and brain-storming.
Jelly started in New York in 2006 when a couple of friends realized that they loved working from home, but missed the creative brainstorming, sharing, and camaraderie of a traditional office. They started inviting friends to their home to work just one day a week and soon found that working alongside new and interesting people resulted in new ideas and interesting conversations.
And thus Jelly was born. I've no idea why "jelly", but why not? And it's an excuse to eat jelly beans as I discovered today. Jelly Norfolk was started by Sophie Garrett and Cassie Tillett and has been running successfully for a few months now.
So is it worthwhile for me to drive to Norwich (45+ minutes), park at £4.50 for the day, spend the day with others who work on their own and then drive the 45 minutes home? I'd say so.
Today I entered all the tedious petty cash receipts into my accounts package - I really do drink too much tea and coffee while away at trade shows - far too many receipts!! It's a tedious job which gets put off when in the studio, so that's a job well done.
I then prepared the email letters to be sent out tomorrow to all the customers and visitors to my stand last week - I couldn't send it today as I needed to work on a few photos which I don't do on the laptop. But they're ready to go 1st thing in the morning.
This was followed by an incredibly useful bit of brain storming with Sophie, then some lunch, and then a bit of work on the website. Thrown in for good measure was the ability to pick the brains of others on anything that came to mind - Facebook issues, ecommerce web developers, laptop problems, and why some of the jelly beans brought in by Cassie tasted good and others were disgusting!!
The question I ask myself is, would I have done all this while in the studio? The answer is definitely no, as I would have done other jobs. But I could focus on the jobs I'd planned for today which more than likely would have got put off and put off, and get them done - with the added bonus of picking other people's brains, learning new stuff and actually having quite a decent fun sort of day.
I recommend it as a way of working. Come and join us, or find one near you, if you work on your own.