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Unexpeced Discoveries

I was enchanted by a lot of the street art in Prague - here's just a little alley we walked up, where I liked the lamppost, gate and street art:     This is the famous John Lennon wall - there's lots written about this; here's one place you can find out more  This just proves that daughter Emma has been there! Some buildings:   And finally for now, the love locks on a fence on a Prague canal bridge - padlocks are fixed on the fence symbolising love. They're just down from the ..
With a very hot week in which to explore the city, we soon wearied of walking everywhere. It's not a big city so if you're staying centrally, then walking is good. We decided to try out all transport methods that we could - bus, tram and metro. A word on tickets: these are valid for time periods and 1 ticket does for bus, tram and metro, as well as the funicular railway to the top of Petrin. You can get a ticket for a half hour, an hour, 24 hours and 72 hours. We went for a 72 hour one, ..
An exhausting day walking around Prague. We walked for hours. It's lovely, but a few too many people for our tastes - well it is mid August. But it was exhausting - partly due to these pavements: A fantastic and unexpected discovery in all the heat and the crowds was this fabulous little cafe tucked away in a back street near Charles Bridge - a contemporary art gallery and cafe with free wifi. We started with coffee, and after maybe an hour moved on to ginger ale. We were there for ages, it w..
  I'm no expert, but then lots of us aren't so I thought I'd show you what I'm doing to produce the white backgrounds that we need for our product photographs. It's not perfect, so do please add your comments so that we can all improve. I use Photoshop, so that might be the first stumbling block for some. I’m not an expert with Photoshop; it’s just that that’s what I’ve got! This is all I do: Open the file. From the toolbar on the left, select the polygonal lasso tool. You need to go ..
So, it's fairly obvious from my work that I like things in rows. I mean, look at this: rows and rows of woolly sheep. You can see this on the website here And then I like stripes too, as seen in my exhibition display using ticking fabric: So I was a happy bunny walking along Happisburgh beach at the weekend - stripes and rows everywhere:             If I were still designing on the loom in weaving, what inspiration I'd be finding here. Weaving (one of my many past liv..
  We mentioned the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine’s Day, St. Dwynwen’s Day, in our recent newsletter (what, you don’t receive our newsletter? Sign up here on our website). St. Dwynwen's Day is January 25th, St Dwynwen being the Welsh patron saint of lovers. When researching this, we also found out about another interesting Welsh tradition. Hundreds of years ago, young men would not only give sweets and cakes as a sign of love and affection, but would also carve and give a unique lovespoon t..
I came across this challenge, 30 days of creativity quite by chance by following various links of people I like in Facebook, and thought: yes, I could do that. I’m up for the challenge. But because life is pretty full at the moment I set myself the additional challenge of a half hour time limit. 30 days to make a habit; "Your brain is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it gets stronger." Well, much to my amazement I got to the end of the 30 days with something sketched or created every..
Chester, our rescue dog from the Dog's Trust in Snetterton, joined his local business community last night on a netwalking event at the Norfolk Showground - and he had a thoroughly good time! There's no way he would have coped with the event when he first came to us, but that was some years ago now. I'm very pleased to say that he had no rude words to say to his fellow dog walkers (I can't say that his manners are always so impeccable!), and happily joined in the fun - one of the first to check..
And the Three Little Pigs I'm keen on is this lovely shop in Pershore, Worcestershire, who've been stocking my work since the start. I can now convincingly say that this really is a lovely shop because I visited it last week. Deceptively tiny from the outside, but what treats await you when you step through the door. New to Three Little Pigs is their blog, written in part by Noah - this will be one to follow I think, as I have a feeling that Noah will have some good stories to tell. Per..
No, I've not gone back to my primary school and skipping games in the playground. Instead I spent the day at Norfolk Jelly in Norwich - getting on with my own work but not down in my studio on my own, but rather in a room with others getting on with their own work. It's a great way of working, sharing and brain-storming. Jelly started in New York in 2006 when a couple of friends realized that they loved working from home, but missed the creative brainstorming, sharing, and camaraderie of a ..

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