Our New Display - from scrap wood

The other day I was thinking about a new display for all our pictures - the boxes we use at the moment are great but they're heavy and very bulky. I came across a pile of scrap rough wood at a local garden centre with a sign reading "Free wood" - hmm, I could maybe use some of this, I thought, so came home with these:
 I took them apart and rebuilt them to the sizes I needed
 Bought some dowel
 Painted them in our "house" colour
 And there you have them
And then decided maybe I needed some bumpers to protect the mounts from marking. We get lots and lots of elastic bands from our printers; I usually send them back when I've collected enough, but thought I'd use them for my bumpers 
So there you have my new print displays that cost me £2.50 and made mainly from rubbish.