Our Tatton Park Flower Show

It was our first time exhibiting the RHS Flower show at Tatton Park, and indeed our first visit to this part of the country. We took loads of photos and wanted to share some of the things that caught our eye over the week we were there. We had a heat wave and torrential rain; we had quiet times and incredibly busy times; we were in awe of all the huge amount of work of the dedicated gardeners and designers who put on such an amazing show; and we were amused by much of the humour.  Here are our favourites: First is the large empty Country Living Magazine marquee, needing to be filled by a large number of exhibitors all with boxes and boxes of goodies in vans that need to be parked up outside.
Later, when the show was open, the marquee looked more like this:
and our stand, filled with our handmade greeting cards and art work:
Wednesday was the Press Day, so as we had finished our stand we had a good look around the gardens. We spotted Joe Swift from Gardeners' World:
and Monty Don was being filmed with the designer of the Reflections of Japan garden
Judging was a very serious part of the Press day:
Hard work every morning for all the gardeners, keeping their displays tip top:
Some gardens that we loved:
This was an amazing award winning garden, from Sheffield:
The steel hoops represent the 7 hills of Sheffied; the steel gratings on the back I think represent a cheese grater; right at the front is all steel flat pins. The planting was amazing - soft at the front and then more striking and sharper colours at the back. Loved it!
And some flowers and veggies: 
And then just some things that inspired or amused us: The animals came in two by two....
I liked the soft planting with these strong sculpures:
Emma was taken by the Smart car:
The duck pond amused everyone, I think!
The final day brought torrential downpours, thankfully not long-lived, but enough to turn some areas into lakes
People still managed to get some beautiful flowers in the plant sell-off, dodging between the showers
And we finally managed to pin down Brooks from the Country Living Magazine's team, long enough to model our sheep tie 
 And Emma managed to get out for a run at the tail end of the days.
All in all, we had a good show and we had fun (we'll forget the exhaustion that goes with every show!)
If you love garden and flower shows, or indeed any show, we'd love to hear your comments - what you love in particular, and possibly what annoys you...