Pensthorpe Nature Reserve

We’re off to Pensthorpe nature reserve in early June to take part in their annual Gardening, Craft and Food fair, as part of Dead Good Designs. It’ll be our first show working together as a team, so should be a lot of fun.
Pensthorpe? Yes, it might ring a bell as it was the nature reserve that played host to the BBC’s Springwatch for the last three years – just have a look at this impressive list of species that live or visit there.  What an amazing number of birds in particular! The reserve is recognised as a breeding site for numerous species of rare birds, and the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust works on the captive breeding and release of such species, especially those that are associated with the Wetlands. Looking through the species list has been useful in helping us to decide which card designs we should take when we go, how about:
It also made us realise that we don’t seem to have all that many bird designs! Somehow, I don’t think that there are too many guinea fowl wondering around the nature reserve.
So watch this space for a few more designs soon! I shall be taking my camera and sketch book to the show. The great thing about working with Dead Good Designs is that we’re a team, and so we will have the luxury of being able to go off for a wander. Now how good is that!