Project Garden

Bank holiday weekend - time to take a break - why not tackle the garden, I thought. Garden! More like an unruly jungle. So I've spent 2 days out there and hardly made any impact at all. But I do have a plan: just attack one area at a time, and try to love the chaos elsewhere.
So, this is what I have to work with - not a very inspiring, and definitely not destined for Chelsea, garden. And there's a whole lot more the other side of my studio down there..
Just a long expanse of space with no real design. I need a path because of trolleying heavy boxes up from the studio, and Mr PLD wants easy lawn (that's his job, to keep it from becoming a hay meadow), so we're just sticking with the dull layout for now.
This is a small area of "before" - packed full of nettles, brambles and heaven knows what, but quite hard to get clear, especially as the ground is so hard, and also because the lovely birds have sown seeds over the years that have grown into trees! I love trees, but couldn't they be trained to plant the seeds somewhere more appropriate?
So after quite a few hours of hard labour, this is all I managed to do: a tiny area of future colour! But with the addition of strawberries and cabbages...
This is the start of a herb area, but this will have other stuff in too - lupins, and maybe the odd raspberry cane...
And this is an area that I really think I will continue to ignore, and try to love, for quite a while longer!