Scottie dogs

I've recently supplied some of my Scottie dog products to The Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme and as I didn't know about them before thought I'd give them a mention on my blog. There seem to be lots of Scottie dog fans out there - I have friends who have recently moved out to France with their 3 and have since got a 4th one. We've had their Scotties to stay in the past, while they were away, and I have to say they are quite full of character and determination! The first thing Gordon did when he arrived for his weekend was to "mark his patch" by peeing up one of my boxes of greeting cards!! A bad start to our relationship, but we made friends later! If you want to rehome a Scottie or have any Scottie dog queries, this would be a good place to start: I've got a movie clip of some puppies when they were just 36 hours old - if anyone can tell me what to do with the clip so that I can post it here, I'd be very grateful (at the moment it's 134MB and 1.15 minutes long - it's obviously way too big to be able to put on the web...) In the mean time, here are a couple of photos: Here's mum with the puppies at 36 hours old: And these are 3 of the same puppies at 2 months: And if you'd like to see some of my cards, giftbags and other gifts, have a look at my website and put Scottie dogs into the search box