Setting up at Country Living Spring Fair 2010

Just a little insight into the setting up of our stand at the Country Living Magazine's Spring Fair. Our scheduled arrival time was between 1 and 2 pm on the Monday - we hoped it would be less busy being 2 days before the show opens. It was less busy but we still had to wait on the street for quite a while - "Just park up for a while" were the instructions on arrival. "Just park up"!! on this road, in Islington! But we found somewhere and read the paper and chatted to others who'd just parked up, and chatted to these guys trying to organise us all (poor guys! they did a great job). We finally got into the loading bay, and unloaded the van. The queues for the one lift were enormous, so we carried what we could up the 2 flights of stairs. Our stand was up on the top floor in the room dedicated to Wire (Women in Rural Enterprise) - a great place to be! Follow this link to find out how to join Wire, and get the benefits for your business. This is the view of the mezzanine floor from where we were, before all the stands were set up: And this is our stand finished and ready to go: We set up the basics on the Monday - the electrics, the pictures, the tables and covers. Mike then took the van back to Norfolk to enjoy a few days without the business. I spent the following morning finishing the stand, and then took myself off to Tate Modern for the rest of the day - wonderful!