Shropshire Clun Forest sheep in Norfolk

Just a short post today to get back into the swing of writing here. This morning I took the dogs out for their usual walk up to the woods and around the fields, and met a couple who have a small holding in the village with Norfolk's only pedigree flock of Clun Forest sheep. I had a lovely chat with Georgie and Richard, met the flock and came home with a bag of fleece rescued from the hedges where they'd put it as a mulch! This fleece, now washed, is drying and will be used in our cards and pictures. Not a rare breed, but it is a minority breed which I rather like. It originates from the beautiful area around Clun in Shropshire, and funnily enough I have been supplying a lovely shop in Clun with my work for many years. I'll go back with my camera and put up some photos, but this is what they look like with their very long black upright ears and elegant long black legs: