Simnel Sunday

We celebrate Mother’s day every year, but I’ve never thought to find out more about it.
Mothering Sunday can also be referred to as Simnel Sunday, as a reference to the baking and serving of Simnel cakes, which are said to be a symbol to celebrate the holiday of Lent. The word simnel most likely comes from the latin “simila”, meaning fine, wheaten flour, but I much prefer the story of Simon and Nell; there is a legend that a husband and wife, Simon and Nell, argued over the best method to make a Mothering Sunday cake. In the end they decided to both boil and bake the cake, and so the cake was named after both of them; Sim-nell.
I’d like to be able to say that I’ll be attempting to cook a traditional Simnel cake for my mum, but I’ve had a quick look at a recipe and I can safely say that my very limited cooking skills mean that this most definitely won’t happen. I’ll stick to fairy cakes. For those of you who want to try baking the real thing, there's a recipe here
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Blog post by Emma