Story from the British Museum

Well, we all love a story and this is one I learnt from chatting to 2 guys in the breakfast queue at the Business Design Centre, Islington, during the recent Country Living Show:
These guys were in the catering dept of the museum, and reminded me of the coffee machines with a push button to dispense the drink. Yes, I knew them, because they worked there at the same time as I did, in the 80's.
In the mornings they would bash the machines about with rolling pins and then vacuum up all the cockroaches that fell out. The coffee was supplied in frozen blocks (I won't mention the brand!) made up of coffee and animal fat (beware all you vegetarians!) - 250 cups were made from one small block. The cockroaches were addicted to the caffeine and loved the animal fat.
As if that wasn't enough, these guys went on to tell me that if any of the concentrate got spilt, it would strip the surface off the tiles, and staff would have to wear protective gear to clear it up!
All I can say is, thank goodness I worked in a basement miles away from the staff canteen, and we had our own kettle.