Taiwan - The Holiday, Part 1

Two weeks to visit daughter Emma, and to see a little of the island of Taiwan – a country that is amazingly beautiful and full of the loveliest people. Two weeks of delight and unexpected discoveries. Worth the travel.
A journey time of over 16 hours, a distance of 5990 miles
Emma lives in Zhongli, about an hour’s journey west and a bit south of the capital Taipei. It’s a bustling town, filled with cars, scooters, taxis, pedestrians. Pretty much everyone seems to ride a scooter. Crossing the roads as a pedestrian was challenging!
It rained alot! Actually, it rained on and off for the whole of the 2 weeks, but it was warm and dried quickly.
We pottered about during the days Emma had to work. We met for lunch – usually a dish of cold noodles with satay sauce, eaten in the park.
A long weekend took us to Kenting in the far south of the island, via the high speed train (highly recommended)
and then a hire car (also highly recommended – make sure you have an international driving licence). We had a hotel booked for the 4 of us – the very comfortable Smokey Joe’s.
We walked our little cotton socks off, but had surprises around every corner. We couldn’t have done nearly so much without Emma’s boyfriend’s help – he drove, he spoke Chinese and was happy to join us on our adventure.
Kenting is the main attraction for visitors to the south of Taiwan – a tourist area with hotels, shopping, beaches etc. We wandered through the night market and bought mojitos and a hat. 
We drove to the furthest south we could, parked up and had some beautiful walks in the National Forest area – wet and windswept, but lots of fun. Cliffs, mountain goats, deserted beaches, coral ravines, caves, forest trees, happy Taiwanese visitors, watermelon. 
Fossils in the coral
Nixon Rock or Sail Rock
National Park near Kenting
National Park near Kenting
Coral rock ravine, near Kenting
The very south of Taiwan
Mountain goats
A windswept little group
A windswept day near Eluanbi Lighthouse, Taiwan
Beautiful deserted beach on the east of the peninsular
Just couldn't resist drawing in the sand