The art of postcards

Postcards - I love them, and have kept some of those sent to me over the years. I'd like to encourage everyone to start sending them again. We need some fun post landing on our door mats. It's a really lovely way to show someone that you thought of them. You don't have to write much - the main thing is that you were thinking of them. I love to write them as much as receive them. If you have a shop and sell lovely postcards, don't forget that we all need stamps too. Here's a postcard I was sent a long time ago - it's from my parents when they went to the Arctic Circle, leaving my brother and I with, well, I can't remember who, but I've kept the postcard: I'd love to hear what others think of postcards - have you got some that you've treasured over the years? When you receive one in the post, what do you do with it? Stick it on the fridge? Shove it in a box? Dare I say it, throw it in the bin?.... Mine go on the fridge or on my studio wall, and eventually make it into a box. So, to help me on my mission to encourage the sending of postcards for fun, I'm adding some of my designs as postcards to my portfolio of work. They will be on show for the first time at Spring Fair Birmingham next week, and will be available online in a few weeks time. Here's a sneaky preview: