The bonuses of fund raising

We've just dispatched the younger daughter off to Sri Lanka with a group from her school - all very exciting, but also very expensive. We've not paid for this trip - she's had to raise the funds herself. But I did help - I decided that my stiffening fingers could do with a work-out, so I got out the crochet hook and made flower brooches and hairclips - loads of them!! We've been selling them at all sorts of events and they've been really popular, so I keep on crocheting. Here's a few of them: These are made using left-over bits from hand spinning years ago - Wensleydale fleece and camel wool. I enjoyed making these, and may even get out my spinning wheel again. And these use bits and pieces from the wool bag and have been really popular with youngsters: And these ones have leaves! The great bonuses in all of this are: Nicola has learnt to crochet and has made some of them herself And my fingers are benefitting from their work outs.