The Origins of a Business

I had a nostalgic moment yesterday while undergoing a deep clean and expansion of the studio. I came across these sheets of permatrace with some of my original designs on, from when I started playing around with my woolly sheep – around 1994/5.
Sue, my trusty studio manager, was intrigued by them and the story behind the start of the business:
While my younger daughter (aged about 3) was being bathed by Dad, the elder one Emma (aged about 4) would have time to paint with Mum (and then straight into the bath!) At the end of one session there was a lot of blue paint left, and on the floor some bits of pale yellow and grey fleece (I still managed to find time to spin in those days!!) I simply picked up one of the paint brushes, made some vaguely sheep shaped marks on a large sheet of paper and stuck some bits of wool on. And hey presto, the very start of Penny Lindop Designs!
A 5 minute moment that took several years to germinate into a business!