Thoughts on sending Christmas cards

We still have stocks of some of our very unusual handmade Christmas cards, so it's not too late to choose 1 or 2 for someone special. Have a look at our website to see the range. I thank everyone who has bought our cards, calendar and gifts this season. We have been kept very busy which has been wonderful. And thank you for all those kind comments. What are your thoughts on sending Christmas cards? We're encouraged to divert the money spent on cards to charities, which is great, or to buy charity cards - also great, and there are some really lovely cards available. But how about a compromise - sending just a few beautiful designer cards supports the designer and sending all cards supports your local post office. All our cards are printed in the UK and handfinished by a small team in Norfolk - trying to be greener by keeping local. And what do you think about ecards? Personally I'm not keen, but then it's not in my interest to be keen on them. I actually love to receive post that isn't business post, and I love images and the feel of paper. So I love to receive quality and beautiful cards.