Tutorial – Product Photographs with white backgrounds

Many ecommerce websites require products with white backgrounds – it helps your products stand out. Although I prefer products photographed in a setting, I do have to cut out the backgrounds sometimes. This is how I do it, using Photoshop – it may not be the best way but it works for me, so may be good for you too. I often get asked how to do it. First, put on some good music to help you along! It can be a bit time consuming if you have something complicated to go round. It helps, but isn't vital, if the product is photographed in an uncluttered situation. Open the image in Photoshop. Here I have a cream gift bag which blends too much into the white background. 
Using the polygonal lasso tool click along the edge of the product, clicking at each of the twists and turns of the product. 
When you get back to the beginning the points will join to make a continuous loop.
Along the top tool bar, click on Select and choose Inverse which will select the background. Make sure that the foreground/background colour selector on the left tool bar is set with the black on top. Then along the top tool bar again, click on Edit and choose Fill
In the window that pops up use White and click ok. Your background colour is now white. Easy! If you have something like a handle to cut round, as in this photo, you’ll need to cut out the background within the handle. In this case, repeat as above but omit selecting Inverse. Just use the polygonal tool to go round the space, click on Edit, choose Fill, select White and you’re done.
Hope that helps someone...