Two Days in Japan - Kanazawa

I'll just finish this little series of posts on our Japan adventure with some random photos of things that appealed to me. Of course, the cherry blossom caught me every time I saw it
We had a quick look in the gold leaf museum and thought maybe I'd fancy this set up for my studio next time I have a re-arrange! The history of gold leaf in Kanazawa goes way back. It was a really interesting museum; such a complicated process, but so little time to absorb all the information.
I have a fascination for pavements and grills - love this one
One of the many temples we stumbled upon, this one in the old part of the town:
A tiny but enchanting garden:
Everywhere you went you could come across little strings of things dangling, like these segments of bamboo with faces drawn on them. They made us smile!
Another little garden, just beside a house where you could take a rest from your busy tiring day:
Walking your dog - we saw lots of dogs being walked, or pushed in prams, or carried. 
And just like in Taipei and London, you can rent a bike:
We stopped for some lunch and a cup of tea; here our water is being boiled for our tea, just in front of where we were sitting at the counter.
Japan is good at cute - I've no idea what this poster is about but I loved it. If any of you know what it says, do write the translation in the comments
Another temple, with the fortune telling papers that they so love
These were stacked up beside one of the temples - we think they may be filled with sake
The umbrella stand at the entrance of the Museum of Contemporary Art - no wet umbrellas go into shops or museums. If you have a particularly precious umbrella, you can put it in the lock up stand instead.
Now this was handy for us, not reading Japanese - all the meals on the menus are made up in plastic so that you can see what you can expect on your plate. 
And we thought this a rather fine newspaper display:
We braved a truly Japanese lunch bar where we sat on the floor and had our lunch of tofu and noodles. Really delicious as it turned out
And finally the new Shinkansen bullet train that took us back to Tokyo and our flight back to Taipei:
A truly inspiring and memorable experience