Wet Walk Sows Seeds of Inspiration

Well, it's still pretty wet under foot down on our local fen, Scarfe Meadow. A week ago it was totally flooded, but I didn't manage to get down there with a camera. Today I just took a few on my phone - not a particularly nice day, just grey, a bit cold, but I always love going down to these meadows (when the cows aren't in there!!)
 This is normally just a little brook, but it's burst it's banks

I love all the reflections - it's sparked a little idea. Inspiration can come from all sorts of places - I wonder whether any new card designs might be forthcoming.... I'm told there are otters, widgeon, gray lag geese and kingfishers to be seen in the area.

 This tiny temporary stream of brackish water is feeding into the brook

 I disturbed a deer amonst these trees with all their feet in water

The meadow itself is pretty soggy! A very high water table. On dry days this is a very peaceful place to sit and sketch, or just sit and let the world go by - should do more of that!

 Yes, quite soggy under foot! 

 Dirty feet...but happy boy
Oh, and did I say that I've discovered that both boots have sprung a leak?

And tomorrow it's off to the big smoke for The Country Living Magazine's Spring Fair.