When Inspiration Dries Up

When Inspiration Dries Up 2017-10-04 08:50:35

When your creativity seems to have disappeared, what do you like to do to find that inspiration again? When your creativity has become stagnant, when your mind is overloaded with "stuff". For me creativity seems to wax and wane, and when it's waned I need to get away from the studio and the house. I know that I need to take action. I don’t always need to go far, but I do usually need to get outside. Sometimes an afternoon walk in the sunshine can spark a little something. That'll do. That'll get me back on track.


For me, a great local place to visit is Bressingham Gardens and Steam Museum.

As you speed along the A1066 you may not even realise that there are 17 acres of tranquility just behind that hedge.

Wandering gently around the gardens I enjoy the contrast between the flowers and grasses being blown in the breeze and the strong lines of the steam engines. I find this balance very restorative.


I can come home feeling a little lighter, and often filled with inspiration for a new drawing, or a colour palette I'd like to try. Just being outside in such tranquil surroundings helps to calm the troubled mind.


If you would like to visit the gardens, you can find out more here

What helps you? What gardens can you recommend? 

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